cowgirl {part no. one}

Are you tired of short posts with hardly any words? Me too. Fair is now completely over and I'm sorting through images of Little sis' shows. She had one calf and one steer this year. She's too cute. And, thankfully, she doesn't mind me snapping pictures of her every move. Haha. Would you like to see some? Here you go.

This is her telling me no flash photography while she's in the ring so that I don't scare her animals. 

The braids were my favorite part. I have about a billion pictures of just her braids at different angles. I'll spare you and just show you this one for starts ;)

She had a cowgirl belt. How adorable is that?

Little sis gave her "cows" baths all the time. (Sorry for the blurriness...I kinda like it ;))

(photo credit, mom)

(photo credit, mom)

That's the little one. Leo. He's cute too.

More to come of her showing her steer...

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Wow! I can post today!! I absolutely love your cowgirl photos!! Boy do I love that Cowgirl!! And her photographer!! ;)