Lately. Dad installed air conditioners upstairs. Thank the Lord for air conditioning! Its soooooo nice!

Lately. DQ free treat coupons. Twist cone dipped in chocolate shell. Yum :D

Lately. Mom was excepted to the National Consumer Panel. That pretty much means we scan everything we buy, then input the information to them. Pretty much Little sis's dream-come-true ;)

Lately. Nail polish. Mom had some coupons yesterday when we went shopping. I tried the mint green color first and love it ;) Also we picked up some Bon Bon's nail polish for the 4th. Red with blue sparkelies over the top? I think I'll try it. I love Johanna's nails here.

Lately. The library. Yesterday we went to the library too. I got a stack of books....including Nancy Drew and a Janette Oke book (I read it for the second time), A Gown of Spanish Lace.

Also, I got this one from, written by Sandi Henderson. I want to sew everything in it. See her website here.

Lately. Last, but not least, we gave our new kittens names...finally ;) Above is Meatball. And below is Checker. Aren't they cute?

What have you been doing lately?

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Love your lately post. What could be more summer than ice cream, good books on hot days, and pretty nail polish!!! Top that off with two sweet little kittens to play with and life couldn't get much better!!!! Great post, Haley!