abstract recycling.

Mom found a notebook the other day that said, "God recycles. He made you out of dust." Love it. And on that about some abstract recycling?

Dad brought this lovely piece of fiber wood stuff from his scrap/throw away pile at work. A part of some kind had been cut out of this and the scrap happened to look like an H. So, you know me, what do I do? I try to make something usable and something cute out of it in less than a day.

After some snipping and painting, hot gluing, etc. It ended up like this...

(ok, ya'll can just ignore the layer of dust on top of my dresser.)

I layered metallic (pearl colored) paint and brown acrylic paint, to make it look a little like wood grain. Then I hot glued floral wire across the bottom and top to hang things on. Then hot glued a clothespin on one side, also to hang something in.

And on the bottom of one side, I put a pink rub-on and tied some lace ribbon around it.

Now, it resides on top of my dresser that really needs dusting ;)


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  1. That is awesome!! I love your imagination! I could never have seen such a cute, useful object out of that scrap. Good job!