Happy Wednesday, everybody :D So...I'd say it's time for another random post, wouldn't you?

How about some Toms? My first favorites were the crochet Toms...
Natural Crochet Women's Classics
...but as you can see, they have holes straight through them. The following would probably be better for cold days...

Mustard Cord Women's Classics

Silver Women's Glitters
Bottle Green Cord Women's Classics
Navy Canvas Women's Classics

I painted my nails rainbow a couple days ago. Ya, that lasted about a day. They were soooooo bright.
Awhile back I went to the Rebelution conference -- "A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations". It. was. so. good. I. mean. great.

The kittens have grown a lot since I last posted pictures of them (above is Meatball).

Little sis gave him a cheese cracker. Ha.

That's Checker, the calico. 

                                          Millie's Remarkable Journey, Book 3     

Lately I've been reading the Millie Keith Life of Faith series, re-done from the Mildred Keith series by Martha Finely. I've read more than one in less than a day. Warning: don't read these books before bed...they're too won't go to bed until one o'clock am.

I had my eye on this watch at Target for a long time. Mom bought it as a surprise for me. It's great and goes with everything.

Mom's African Violet is blooming and has been for awhile now.

Isn't it pretty?

And that's about all for today. Talk to ya'll later.


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  1. love those shoes so cute! you gonna get some more? awwwwwwwww I wanna kitten lol! hopefully soon!