under the weather.

I've been a little under the weather the past four days, hence the post everyday, because I can't do much else. I've devoured the last Millie Keith book I had in supply. There's only so many movies you can watch and blog  posts you can handle. Sooo...what do I do?

I embroidered (well, my kind of embroidering) a towel. My Grandma gave me a whole basket of antique thread, really it was for decoration purposes, was I used it for the towel.

Happy Friday!



  1. wow that's a lot of thread! awwwwwwww whats wrong sweetheart? why don't you feel good ?:( praying you feel better, and your Aunt Jenn loves you !

  2. You did an awesome job capturing the thread! By the way, it was really yours all the time. I was just borrowing it! And what a cute towel!! Makes me want to embroidery again!! Love it! Your pictures sure did a great job showing the difference between neutrals and colors!! I'm leaning toward the colors although I like the neutrals too. Which did you like best?

  3. Just looked at them again. That first one just makes me smile!! Love it! By the way, sure hope you are feeling better today!