sunday evening.

Sundays are my favorite. Sadly, I couldn't go to church this Sunday because I still had a stomach ache and cold, but I'm feeling much better and am on the road to recovery. I mean golden light, a picnic, campfire, smores, and of course a camera...that's enough to make anyone feel better.

Little sis is one of the proud gardeners in our family. That's her with her carrots and water melon freshly picked.

The carrots she fearlessly eats without washing. What's a little dirt gonna hurt?

She also grew a sunflower patch. The bees like the pollen. I like to photograph them.

Tell me Little sis' freckles aren't one of the cutest things ever.

We were coming back from taking pictures of the garden in the evening light and she says, "Haley, look! I'm a true farmer."

Then, we settled into our "fire pit area" for the Sunday dinner.

As we settled in, golden hour, made itself comfortable too.

Who doesn't love some good bolka?

Dad made meatloaf in the dutch oven and cooked it over coals. Yum.

The cats were more than a little curious about it.

Little sis kept the fire going for us.

How was your Sunday?



  1. Beautiful pics !<3 Need some of you in the post!:)
    I love smores:D I'm glad your feeling a little better :)

  2. Wow! Look at that watermelon? How'd it taste? It was sure the "golden hour"! Such a beautiful time for pictures! And what a great subject! That sis of yours is sure photogentic (bad spelling!). I love those freckles too! And Smore's and a sweet baby! What a great evening! Thanks for sharing!!