(bowling shoes make my feet look awkward, ahem)

So remember when I posted about the fair (here)? Well, this the same evening after we got tacos, we went bowling. Ok, I'm absolutely terrible at bowling. I mean terrible. Me + bowling = not-so-good.

First comes finding the right size of bowling shoes. Next comes typing names in and getting everyone set up into lanes. We don't use our real names. Little sis was Jelly Bean. I was Nancy Drew. Never pick her name. She needs to stick to solving mysteries and forget the whole bowling thing.

Somewhere in there everyone takes there pick of a bowling ball. (My first pick, bright pink.)

Then the coaching begins and we all try to remember how to make the ball hit the pins ;)

(photo credit, mom)

That's me. That's how a bowel. And yes, I'm pretty sure I always make that face. Excuse this picture, please.

(photo credit, mom)

Cutest photo of the night award goes to Mom -- Little sis wearing my uncle's hat holding a pink bowling ball. Too cute.

And when we all got tired and hungry we headed over to Applebee's.

And when no hostess uncle seated us.

Good times.


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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! I can't bowl either. Of course, to give us both some slack, I think you are suppose to bowl on a regular basis to get good at it. Bowling once every few years isn't going to get it!! But what a great opportunity to take pictures! Love them!