feelin' like fall.

Sometimes one you can't tell when one season turns into another -- but it literally changed from summer to fall in a day. Saturday had been hot yesterday, then in the evening we opened up the windows and fall rushed straight at us. That's Kansas weather for ya ;)

(photo credit, little sis)

Sunday morning, before church, I checked the weather (yes, I check the weather, ahem) and I couldn't believe that it was actually going to be in the 70's. Lovely. So, my church outfit was fall-ish.

(photo credit, little sis)

sweater // hand-me-down from aunt
jean skirt // old navy
gladiators // old navy
necklace // charming charlie's
watch // target
earrings // gift from pen-pal

(photo credit, little sis)

And there was a cool breeze today too, which explains why in every picture I'm holding the hair out of my face. Oops! 

I like going outside better when it's not sweaty and sticky honestly, so yesterday afternoon, camera in hand, I did just cool fall weather.

I stopped by to look at the puppies. We have nine. Oh, dear, yes. There were actually thirteen, but four died the first day. Nine is plenty, though. Trust me. Sorry I don't have a close-up picture...I'll get ya one soon ;)

I love the hay barn door.

I headed over to see the kittens. Checker is pretty photogenic. She sat down and I set the camera on the ground and started snapping "candid" pictures, as in no posing, et cetera.Those are my favorites.

This weekend I made some cookies. More on them coming soon!

Happy Labor Day!



  1. Hi Haley!
    Down here we have been feelin to fall as well! Its such a nice change from the 100 degree norm around here! I loved the pitctures of you and the animals! Checkers is soooo cute and the puppies sound fun! Sorry about those that passed away!
    Its kinda funny because our computer wont let me comment but my Dads phone does so evertime I wanna comment I have to do so on my Daddys phone. :D
    Have a great day!

  2. Hmmm I'ma try to comment again haha! I love the outfit! the photos are amazing like always :) I want your kitty!!! lol! I can't wait till cooler weather here! I'm ready for October <3 hope you girls are doing well! I love you both and miss you both! e-mail me sometime! love ya <3

  3. Hi Haley!! I love your blog...I am looking forward to reading more! Have a blessed day!

  4. yo girl! lol love that first pics!!! loves you!!