grocery shopping.

We went grocery shopping. I brought along the camera. Doesn't everyone take their camera to the grocery store? Ok, it's not everyday you see someone lugging a dSLR around the grocery store, so people kinda look at you funny when you do ;)

// mom's coupon book //

We usually shop at Dillon's. They have good deals on organic food and Mom can use coupons.

// self-portrait in the bathroom mirror //

// our cart //

Where do you grocery shop?

Happy September!



  1. Sam's Club :D lol Hope your doing well Haley E-mail me sometime <3

  2. Usually Walmart. Sometimes Aldi's, Price Chopper or Dillion's. Depends on the day and if I'm trying to use coupons. Nothing like a whole cart load of groceries and then getting home to find you don't know what to fix for the next meal! That grocery shopping is a lot of work! Glad your camera could make it fun!

  3. Hi Haley!
    We shop at Wal-Mart sine they allow compare shopping and have great deals! Cute picts!