on the water.

Are ya'll ready for some more our trip so far? My family went sailing. As in, on a boat. As in, on the water. No joke. Since we were sailing out-of-season, it was a little chilly, but refreshing too. The great part is that sailing is one of the few water-activities where you can take your camera along ;)

// can you have too many pictures of your moccasins? //


We also went on a faster boat and picked up some pizza -- the first pizza I'd ever seen with shrimp and crab on it. Honestly, I didn't eat it, and stuck with the plain cheese.


We went kayaking too. I must say, that was my favorite.


How about you guys -- what's your favorite activity on the water?

Happy Thursday!



  1. love the pictures! I love everything about the water :)

  2. ohmigosh!!! i must go to the lake! now!! xD

  3. Wow, you guys are doing some fun stuff! Sure glad you didn't get your moccacins wet! I think I'd stay with the cheese too. Yesterday, Poppy and I tried to retireve that wrecked kayak under the bridge. Looked just like yours!! Only it was full of holes and mud! Your Mom and you are sure looking pretty!!

  4. Oh, wow....loved.these. That second one was beautiful and all the still life photos were perfect! I loved that portrait of you and your're both so pretty:)

  5. Beautiful pictures. I really love the one of the wake that the boat leaves behind you. It's really awesome.