crabbing 101.

Right now I'm sitting on my temporary bed, curled up in a quilt, wearing a long-sleeved shirt, laptop on my knees. It's cold outside. 52 degrees actually. But, here's some pictures of when it wasn't so cold. We went sailing with my Mom's uncle (here). He also taught us how to catch crabs. Would you like to learn too?

First you pull your trap out of the water and hope there's some crabs in it. Then you measure them and throw back the little ones and the females, and keep the big ones. The female crabs have red claws, or "painted nails" (below).

Then you put them in a nice little bucket for safe keeping while to re-fill your trap with not-so-lovely dead fish for bait. Then, you throw it back in...

(photo credit, mom)

Then you steam the crabs. And eat them. Just so you know, I didn't eat any crab. At all. 

Now you know how to catch a crabs. Happy Sunday!


p.s. also notice -- no boarders on my photos, yay! and go grab my new button >>


  1. Loved these!
    "Congrats" on a button, and love the no borders on photos! I can't stand it, but I'm getting ready to switch to a Minima Template so I'll mess with it then! :)

  2. coolio! those pictures look great. and i just added our new button to my collection... i'm a button collector. /:")

  3. Sounds like your havin' fun! We miss you!

  4. Great pictures...enjoyed seeing them!

  5. I love these photos. Awesome. And I really love the second one (even though pink isn't my favorite color).
    Thank you.

  6. Love these!! Hope you had fun, Haley. ♥

    ~Liz from Lovely Little Musings