operation christmas child.

"Why don't you break my heart, til it moves my hands and feet"
// listen here //

This Thursday thru Saturday, our church's youth group went to Denver, Colorado. You are probably familiar with OCC. We volunteered at the processing center there for a day and a half. One of the best things you'll ever do over Thanksgiving break.

Thousands of shoe boxes and I was blessed to have a little part in it. The boxes we helped process were headed to children in Mexico and Haiti, where they'll be given a shoe box gift and the Gospel message will be presented. 


Do you pack Operation Christmas Child boxes? 

Happy Sunday!



  1. this is so sweet. I've never head of OCC, but it sounds wonderful. Looks like you have a lovely time this weekend.

  2. My family always packs two shoeboxes for OCC!(:

  3. Our Church does operation Christmas Child. It's awesome knowing that you are making little children happy over seas :D

  4. I love participating in OOC. It's been a blessing. Our first year boxes made it to the front cover of that years magazine. That was exciting.

  5. Yes our church (same as Sophie) does it every year. Us youth girls usually help the women pack them up. I think it would be fun to go watch them be shipped off, though. :)

  6. That's really sweet! :) I hope to try this some year. :) :)

  7. So glad to see all the pictures! Our church did a shoe box stuffing party this year and though I'm not sure the exact number of boxes we did, it was a lot!

  8. That's so neat that you got to help with this. Past years, we have always done our shoeboxes, but being actually to help with the sending, etc. That's really cool.

    I love the first picture. And I wish I could thank you again (for the header), but I don't want to overdo it ;).
    Can I say I love it, again, though?
    It's exactly what I was imagining.

    P.S. I love the picture of the presents taped together. That is so cool.

  9. we pack shoe boxes,it's a great way to help! :)

  10. Awesome pictures! So glad you had such a great trip and are home safe and sound!!