country versus town.

I'm always excited for a trip to town, but I'm always grateful to come back home; where muddy, grassy turf replaces concrete and a twinkling lights and the rush of traffic are substituted for wide open landscape.
I've lived in town before. And I liked it. Sometimes it sounds appealing to me to take walks around the neighborhood or to be a only a few short minutes away from the grocery store. 
But overall, I prefer the country with it's open spaces and endless stretch of sky.

Regardless of where you live, what do you prefer? 

Happy weekend, readers.

p.s. as you probably noticed -- the dSLR is back! :)


  1. I grew up in the country, and have lived in the city for the last 6 years. I hate living in a subdivision, but I like being close to town. We live like 3 miles away from a large grocery store. :P Overall, I would like to be able to be "in the country" (as in having some animals, gardening, and doing laundry outside) but still only having 10 minutes to the store, library etc. :)
    Beautiful Photography, I especially like the last 2.

  2. I'm actually torn over this. I was born and raised in the city, and have always loved how close everything is. But the few times I've visited the country, I always say, "Man, I want to live out here." So, I'm not sure. I guess I would just bloom wherever God planted me =)


    P.S. I might choose a farm if it came down to it... as long as the farm came with a horse.

  3. I have lived in the same house in the country all my life, and I can't imagine living in town.

  4. I don't live in a subdivision, but I do live in town and I LOVE it. Its so nice to hear the cars, and noises, and see the streetlights. I don't know why... But I guess because I'm a talkative person and I love living so close to my neighbors. Once, I went to a sleepover at my friend's house who lived really near the country. I couldn't get to sleep very well because it was so quiet! LOL

  5. I'd have to say, like, right outside of a town. Where I am connected with friends, but still have my privacy. ;) Awesome shots!

  6. glad you have your camera back! these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!
    i'm a city girl, but every time I find myself out in the country, I fall in love. so I can't decide.

  7. I want to live in the country. I've lived in town all my life.

  8. I like the country must better than the city, but it has always been one of my dreams to live in a tiny little country town. :)

  9. I live fifteen minutes from our town (and though it's rather small), I still prefer living up here in country. The quiet sounds (other than our house) and the cool, clean, mountain air.

    It's nice to visit town, but I still love my house on the hill.

    Your pictures are awesome, and congrats of the return Mr. DSLR! I love the cat picture. So cool.
    Grace and peace,

  10. I guess when it comes between city or country, it's hard for me to decide. I dearly love the idea of living it a big city, but the country is just so lovely. :)

    That cat photo is adorable! Love love love it.

  11. I love the country! But I would prefer town, because if you need anything its right there, but if your in the country and you need something and you have a huge snow storm then you have to wait to get out lol. so I love both but I would rather live in town :) ♥
    love ya - Aunt Jenn.