aspirations of this week.

aspirations plural of as•pi•ra•tion (Noun)
"A hope or ambition of achieving something."

I'm honestly not sure how I would make it without to-do lists. I write out one mostly everyday; for school, for things I need to get done, and occasionally for things like reading and blogging. They help me to keep my brain tasks and ambitions straightened out. Sometimes my my to-do lists are long and other times they're short and simple. Sometimes I get everything done and sometimes I don't. 

And my constant to-do's/aspirations for this week? Exercise and get up at seven o'clock every morning (as in every morning, ahem). Do you make to-do lists?

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh yes. I write to-do lists all the time. That's the only way I survive through the day sometimes! :)
    Lovely photo!

  2. yes, I can never get stuff done with out lists, cleaning, anything. haha actually 2 minutes ago I was writing out a list of clothes and stuff I'm going to take along on a trip in 2 weeks. and I was writing a school-to-do list too. I LOVE the first photo! that perspective is awesome!

  3. Todo lists? Lists in general? Definitely.
    And that mini bottle collection is divine.

  4. Good luck with your aspiration. I should do that, too. Excersize will keep Pixar's Wall•E from coming true.

  5. I do love my "to do lists" and the wonderful feeling you get when you cross something of one! :D Keep up the good blogging!

  6. Seven o' clock? Eep. Good on you. ;) I used to be a lovely getter up early person, but lately my schedule has been all a-wack. I'll go to sleep at one or two and get up at nine. It's horrible.

    Exercise? yes, that is definitely on my to-do lists. I probably make too many to-do lists and find myself forgetting some of them. But my favorite thing to do is check things I've done. Maybe I should just have a list of things I've already done so I can check them off. ;)

    I love these pictures, they are so, so beautiful. I've been collecting some glass jars, etc, too, so I can fill them with dirt and put little plants in them and line them around my playhouse.
    So cute.
    Grace and peace,

  7. I make to-do lists most everyday too!
    I did the early thing and exercise for a few weeks was just too early for me;I should probably get back into it though =)

  8. Oh, should see my to-do lists! That's why I started my home binder because I'm the kind of person that will forget everything unless its on paper...even the really important stuff...well maybe not the things like eating, reading, sleeping... :D but get the point. :D

  9. Yes, I do, when I get overwhelmed by all of the things to do in a day. :P Usually I make them if I'm trying to achieve a goal by a certain time. :)