hues of easter.

Easter was calm and quiet this year. I woke up just before six in the morning and then came the curling, primping, and the race against time to get out of the house to church for the sunrise service. The afternoon was spent at grandpa's house for lunch and some home videos. At home, I curled up in a chair with a blanket and a book and in the evening we dyed eggs.

How was your Easter?

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p.s. thoughts on the new design?


  1. okay. this picture is the best. reminds me a little of me + my brother. and I love the new design, as always! :)

  2. oh, this is so cute :D and the new design is great :)

  3. great pictures! the bright colors are so awesome. they make me feel happy.

    abbie /// xoxox

  4. This is so beautiful. Your pictures... *cough cough* speechlessness. I love them so much. And you and your sister are so lovely. Every time you put pictures up, it's seems you guys get lovelier and lovelier. It's like watching you mature from afar.

    And those eggs are gorgeous. I'll admit it, I didn't do eggs OR an Easter egg hunt this Easter. But I did go to Easter Service, which I guess is more important. ;)

    P.S. I LOVE your outfit. That yellow belt just makes me gulp with jealously (and I'm not even a Girly Girl). ;)

  5. love the new design!
    And your egg photos are fab :)

  6. I love love love your new header! lovely photos.
    Everything is so bright and colors. And... I love your dress. :)

  7. Your new design (as all of them) are totally gorgeous! I love the pictures, and you are so beautiful! (so is Addy!)

  8. I love the new design! :) I need help with mine :( its so boring haha any help??:) I miss you girls! let me know when I can come over and see you! love you Aunt Jenn!

  9. I love the deign ! So beautiful ! :) I need help with mine its so boring haha! any ideas?:) miss you girls! let me know when I can come and see you both! love you - Aunt Jenn!

  10. We had a quiet Easter as well. Loved your pictures! :D
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  11. I love your new design! your outfit is adorable! I would wear it in a heartbeat! Awesome pictures!


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  12. Cool shots! I like the new design, but I actually liked the old one more. I loved that textured background you had -- did you make it yourself?

    1. thank you! nope, the old background was from google images.

  13. love the new design, love your shots -- your dress is so great! and those egg shots, i love them. good job!

  14. I just found your blog! it is too lovely! :)) Beautiful photographer as well! Your Easter sounds lovely! :)

  15. i love each of your outfits and the colors! the yellow belt is adorable.
    isn't easter so fun and happy :)

    andrea brionne

  16. I haven't checked your blog in so long. What I have been missing!! Your Easter story was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes! You and Addy looked totally amazing as usual!! and the new look for your blog is so pretty. It looks so soft and springy!! Love you!!