let's catch up on things.

It's been awhile, hasn't it? While the end of April and the beginning of May are some of my favorites times -- they're busy, busy times. But, I love it. It's the thrill of trying to balance everything and fit it in. The only thing is that being busy doesn't include time for blogging. So, we have some catching up to do.

Last weekend Dad built a strawberry bed in our garden. Now there are eight plants and when summer comes, we should have a few strawberries, I think. But next summer is when we'll really have berries to eat all season long.

Plus, I planted three different colors of zinnias (purple, green, and yellow) in our flower beds last week. They're already sprouting.

Also, I found kittens in our hay shed! There are four -- two black ones, a dark orange one, and a dusty yellow/orange colored one. They are over a week old now. Oh, and boy, are they cute. ;)

pictures from addy and mine's instagrams

We've just gotten done with Awana Grand Prix this weekend. Addy's car was red BMW and mine was a blue convertible.

In closing, I hope to be around here a little more. Happy Sunday!


  1. I just love your photography. Kitten pictures soon? ;) That would be soo awesome.

    Abbie /// XOXOX

    1. thank you! and, sure, i'll see what i can do about kitten pictures. :)

  2. Love your pictures! The strawberry plants sound yummy! We once tried to plant strawberries...but...uh...they didn't last very long....too hot I guess, or maybe we forgot to water them {oh...note to self: water the flower bed!}. But we never have had much luck with gardening. Although we have some flowers we planted in the front flower bed a month or so ago and they are blooming and still alive...does that count? :D Have a great day!

  3. i love bubble pictures-the fifth and sixth one are great! we have a small strawberry bed, too. the berries are so good; you'll definitely enjoy yours! (:


  4. BUBBLES! I love the new blog design, and you definitely need to post some kitten pictures :))

  5. Hey gorgeous! I absolutely love your blog.=) You have an amazing talent in photography<3 Your pictures are magnifique!! I'm your newest follower :) Chat ya later!

    Julianna Danielle<333

  6. THat is so exciting! I just found a batch of kittens last night. :)

  7. hey gorgeous! I absolutely love your blog!! You have an amazing talent in photography<3 your pictures are magnifique! Chat ya later?!

    Julianna Danielle<333

  8. Ahhh... Haley! How nice it is to see you again. And I thought I was the only one who neglected the blogger world for so long. Join the club of late posters. ;)

    But I guess it doesn't matter with you because your posts are so lovely and beautiful that no one cares. ;) Those first pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS, girl! Lovely, lovely. They make me wanna lay in a field of bubbles. ;)

    I will be anticipating pictures of kittens soon. ;)

    And your cars are AWESOME!


  9. WOAH! Those bubble pictures are so cool!!!