some call up hurt from deep down inside
some make the tears press against your eyes
some provoke laughter, bubbling forth
some make your heart chasten with revoke
others make your eyes shine bright with mirth

some you hold close
some you push back
but when it comes to memories 
there are more good than bad

memories, (c) haley jane

(Me writing poetry? Ha. Yeah, I don't know either. But, hey, I thought I'd give it a shot.)

Recently I pulled out my shoebox, shuffled through the notebooks, loose papers, and notes, to find my old journals. I browsed through entries that sometimes seemed like another person had written them. Most of them, I just laughed at myself, because believe you me, the majority of them are hilarious (ah, the ideas of my ten-year-old self). Pictures of people and places were dusted off in my mind and I stopped to savor each thought and memory. I went back and found highlights that I had written down a year ago from same exact event that had happened earlier that day. The similarities were amazing. So I opened up my new journal and got out a pen and scribbled down highlights like I had the year before, then resolved to do it more.

How about you? Do you ever look through old journals?


  1. I do when ever i come across them. It is so embarrassing to read what I wrote just a couple of years ago. Lets just say that there was a lot of misspelling. :)

  2. I am not a very faithful journaler, but when I do remember to record special evens, I love going back and reading them later on. :)

  3. I'm in love with journalling. After you get in a habit it just comes naturally. It's is truly the best thing in my opinion. And I love looking back on my inane thoughts and silly misspellings. The oddness of my old thoughts is the best part, don't you think?

    And this post is so lovely... Truly dear. Your writing is beautiful. And that Poem? Awesome.
    Keep up the loveliness. ;)

  4. Yes! I do it all the time :) It's hilarious to see what I used to be like, it's like you said: a different person! It's really interesting too...keep doing it!

    Gina X