diy photo filters

Yesterday I had fun playing around with these photo filters that I made. They add some interest to your photo. Of course I wouldn't use them all the time, but they were fun to experiment with. And they're super easy to make, so I put together a tutorial for you all in case you wanted to try some of your own.
You will need: Permanent markers, scissors, and white paper.

Step one: Cut a square of paper.
Step two:  Using your permanent markers, color the middle of the paper.
Step three: Use your scissors to cut a shape in the middle of the colored area. Make sure there is still plenty of color around the outside of the shape.
Step four: Find what you would like to photograph.
Step five: Get your photo filter out. Hold it up to your lens, so that through the view finder all you can see is some of the color from it, focus your camera on the subject (through the hole in the paper), then take the picture.
It takes some trial and error to know where to put the paper, how much to show, etc. But one thing I like about these is that you can put in as much or as little color in as you want. Here's some more photos I took using the filters:
Aren't they neat?

Happy Friday!


  1. Yes, they are neat! Love it! I'm going to have to try this. great pictures!

  2. Super fun! I've been wanting to experiment with filters. I'm definitely going to try this out. :)



  3. That is SO cool! :) I'm definitely trying this!

  4. love these!

  5. Wow, I love this idea, Haley! I'm going to have to try it for my 366 photo today :) Thanks!

    1. popping back in to say that these are seriously awesome - you rock! I made some for my phone, too, with really tiny holes in the middle, and they're so much fun to experiment with!

  6. That is so awesome! Maybe I'll try it! Haha it looks easy enough for me to do it! (I'm awful at artsy, DIY stuff :)
    (By the way, your sister looks just like you :)

  7. These are pretty fantastic! :D Thanks for posting about them, Haley!

  8. These are seriously awesome, Haley! =) My fav picture is #8...really want to try this!! :) Thanks so much for sharing! =)

  9. These are GORGEOUS. Espesh that last one. You're awesome, lady.
    I love color spots and sun flares and light leaks.

  10. Wow, these are so awesome! I really need to try this :)

  11. wow, this is so creative of you! such a simple way of adding filters to your photos. amazing job x - Jianine

  12. These are so awesome! I'll definitely have to try these out! :)

  13. I am so trying these. Girl,you're genius.

  14. This is a great alternative for expensive filters! :D I bet it's fun to make and to experiment with; definitely going to try it!

  15. This is SUCH a good idea!!! :) Wow I'm happy that i've stumbled upon this blog post - thank you. And I also cannot get over how adorable that kitten is!! :O

  16. love this! i'm definitely going to try. :)

  17. oh wow, this is so awesome. I've been playing with this type of thing for a while, but have never even thought to do this. I sure I'm so gonna love it ;)
    sweet photos too!

  18. Hey Haley,

    How are you doing?! I know, I haven't been on the blogging world in seriously forever. Stupid real world. ;)

    Your sister is looking so much older. I can definitely see the family resemblance in you guys. You both are really pretty.

    And anyway, this idea is so genius. You are genuis. I am in love with the subtle colors. The pink in the first picture is so pretty.

    Ok, I'll go.
    P.S. your pictures are gorgeous as usual.

  19. I tagged you! Please go check out my blog!

  20. Wow this is such a neat idea! I will definitely have to try that.

    By the way, I just tagged you over at my blog, but I see someone else just tagged you as well, so don't feel like you have to do it. I know how much time responding to tags can be. :P

    Love your blog!!

  21. I love this! I am so going to try it!


  22. They're awesome!
    I love the yellow one with the grass.
    These look so cool.

  23. say whaaaaaat. i'm def trying this out for myself. thanks for the inspiration. this is wonderful xx

  24. goooooooodness. you are such a genius.

    i totally did that this afternoon and it worked PERFECTLY! i'm in love with it.

    xxx acacia