chalkboard bottles

You will need: Glass bottles (I used frappuccino, lemonade, and Izze bottles), chalkboard paint (I got mine at Walmart), painter's tape, pieces of paper, jute twine, a hot glue gun, scissors.
Step one: Remove labels from bottles.

Note: Before you begin this project, if there is any adhesive from the labels still on the bottles, I recommend spraying some Goo Gone on them, letting it sit for a bit, then using a cloth to wipe the adhesive off.
Step two: Attach tape to a piece of paper and wrap it around the bottle. Repeat, this time putting the tape and paper below the first one, leaving some of the glass visible. Make sure tape is tightly sealed around bottle.
Step three: Spray paint the area of the glass that's showing with the chalkboard paint. Let them dry overnight.
Step four:  After paint has completely dried, remove tape and paper. Then scrape off any of the paint that leaked through.
Step five: Now, with your hot glue gun and jute twine, put a little hot glue at the top of the bottle and attach the end of the jute.
Step six: Wrap jute around the top of the bottle in rows, securing it with hot glue along the way. Trim jute with scissors when done.
Step seven: Use some chalk and write on the chalkboard part of the bottle, display, fill with pretty flowers, and enjoy!
Happy October, everyone!


  1. This is such an amazing idea! Lovely :)

  2. ah, so cute! Perfect for fall. :)

  3. I love chalkboard paint! I've never used it but I love the idea! :) I might have to try this one! ;)

  4. that's so cool! i've got to try that later!

  5. That's such a cute idea! And it looks pretty easy to make! Love it!

  6. Love this idea!!! I am def. going to try this... all I need now are some really pretty glass bottles:)

  7. I love this idea, Haley! Especially with the gorgeous flowers you chose to put in the beautiful vases. =) This would be such a fun project! Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. This is a really great idea! I like the way they look with the black-eyed susans.

  9. What a fabulous idea.... they look great!

  10. Cool craft! I am abossed with chalkboard paint! By the way if you are fourteen, then how come your blog read chapter 13? I like the name though :)

    1. Thank you! It's called Chapter Thirteen, because I started it when I was thirteen. :) Also, see here: