a homemade christmas: christmas cards three ways

I'm so happy to introduce to you "A Homemade Christmas". Over the next twenty days, I'll be sharing with you Christmas-y crafts for you to make this season. First up, Christmas cards (because it's never to soon to start on those). Here are three ways for you to make your own....

Embroidered card

You will need: A blank card, three colors of thread -- I used red, green, and light brown (optional) (I used heavy thread doubled over, but this would also work great using embroidery floss) , a needle, scissors, and a pencil.

Step 1: Draw (or trace) a circle on the front of your card in the middle.

Step 2: Thread needle with green thread, doubling thread over, and making a knot at the end. Stitch around the circle you drew. When done, tie off thread. (Start and end in the inside of the card.)

Step 3: Draw a smaller circle in the middle of the already-stitched circle. Thread your needle like you did the first time. Stitch around the circle. When done, tie off thread.

Step 4: Draw a bow at the top of the wreath.

Step 5: Thread your needle like you did before, this time with red thread. Starting at the inside of the card, stitch over the bow you drew. When done, tie off thread.

Step 6: (optional) Thread your needle, once again, this time, with the brown thread. Starting at the inside of the card, go up and down through the paper to make little x's inside the wreath. When done, tie off thread.

Step 7:  Erase visible pencil marks. You're done!

Scalloped card

You will need:  A blank card, three colors of paper, glue dots, scissors, and a circle punch (you could also cut out circles).

Step 1: Punch (or cut) out circles in all three colors.

Step 2: With glue dots, stick circles on card in a pattern. Use three different patterns of the three different colors.

Step 3: Take your scissors, and cut off the the part of the circles that hang over the edge of the card. You're done!

Christmas Tree card
You will need: A blank card, red fabric, green felt, yellow ribbon, scissors, a pencil, and glue.

Step 1: Draw a triangle on the fabric and cut it out. This will be the Christmas tree.

Step 2:  Cut out a rectangle or square from the green felt. This will be the stump of the tree.

Step 3: Tie a bow from the yellow ribbon. Trim the ends. This will go at the top of the tree.

Step 4: Glue all pieces onto the card as shown above. You're done!


  1. these are so cute. Really great ideas. I can't wait for some more!

  2. Such cute ideas! You always seem to know exactly how to make a card super sweet and cute! :) Love them! Thanks for sharing! I'm so excited about this blog event you are doing and can't wait to see future craft tutorials!

  3. AH THIS IS SO GOOD. I reallyreallyreally can't wait to try this! I'm totally going to be sending Christmas cards to my friends using this tutorial; I promise!

    xx acacia //capturelife


  5. Hello Haley! =) Just wanted to leave you a comment saying that after being inspired by your "scalloped card" idea, I made a very similar one for my grandparents. =) I think it turned out rather cute...I added a brown tag with merry christmas stamped on it and threaded a ribbon into a bow on it, too. =) Blessings and thanks for the creative ideas!