5 on 5: january

In 2013 I'm starting a new blog series. On the fifth of every month I'll try to post five pictures from that day. Here's installment one:

01. We're in the middle of re-doing my room and Addy's room, slowly but surely. One of my Christmas gifts this year was a new bedspread (a duvet cover) I'd been looking at. We also have plans for lace curtains (!!!) and a gallery wall.

02. In December we went a little crazy with making paper snowflakes and putting them all over windows. (Also, apparently, Addy has some serious paper snowflake-making skills we didn't know about.)

03. This glitter feather garland is hanging above the desk in my room. I made it around Christmastime  but I think I could get away with leaving it up all year long, right? (Tutorial here.)

04. Ad and I have started doing a photo a day challenge on instagram (for the month of January). And it is a challenge, but it's also been fun.

05. Over Christmas/New Years break I read more than I have in months. And now I am in the middle of four books right now. Yeah. (See books I'm reading here.)

Happy weekend! xx.


  1. I love the idea of a 5 on 5 every month. You should have a link up. :)

    I love the fourth photo. Pretty.
    Becca Anne

  2. Oh, You have the 'Family daughter' too?
    I gonna read that this year, I actually got to meet the authoress!
    Those paper snowflakes are seriously well done! Addy does have talent. =)


  3. Three. Hands-down favorite. I wish I was artistic enough to make it..

  4. this is lovely! i always look forward to your 5 on 5's, it's a really cool idea :) love that feather garland, it's amazing!

  5. ooh! I loove your ipod/ iphone? case :) xo