chapter fifteen.

I seem to recall when you were small
All of a sudden, you're tall
It didn't happen overnight
That you've become a wonderful sight
And I know it's going to be all right

Because this is the way it was meant to be
First born in your family tree,
A picture of responsibility

But don't you worry
And don't you fret
Remember the good times
You're not old yet!

poem written by my grandpa. given to me on my 13th birthday.

Today is my fifteenth birthday. It's funny how quickly fourteen went by. I feel like I just sat down to write about my last birthday. It's also funny how much older fifteen sounds, than fourteen. But even though it seems like the year went by quickly, I know I'm older.

Right now I could go into how there are hardships -- trials and temptations. But that's a given. And today I want to tell you all how thankful I am. Thankful for God's grace. For Salvation. For forgiveness. For my family. For life. I don't deserve it. 

Fifteen years ago today, at 2:04 pm, I was born. I'm happy to be fifteen.


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope your day was absolutely amazing :) I turned 15 in November, so I know exactly what you mean about 15 sounding a lot older than 14 :)
    - mal :)

  2. oh girl! happy, happy birthday! :) xoxo

  3. Happy birthday beautiful blogging girl. :)

  4. You are THE cutest/prettiest thing! Happy birthday you lovely thing!! xoxo

  5. This is so exciting! Happy birthday! and you hair in these pictures, beautiful!

  6. Happy birhtday!! I hope your day was extra special!

  7. Happy birthday! Hope it's your best year yet. xx | Natalia.

  8. Happy Birthday, Haley!
    That poem is so sweet, and the pictures are fabulous! I have to agree with Jo, your hair is gorgeous in these photos!


    P.S- Thanks so, so much for following our blog :D We really, super-duperly appreciate it!

  9. HAPPY {BELATED} BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR!!!! I hope your 15th was very wonderful and blessed! A birthday package is coming your way...sorry about it being a bit late! :(
    Birthday Blessings!

  10. Happy happy 15th birthday love! 15 was such a defining year, even more so than the famous sweet sixteenth. Enjoy your day, you deserve it.

  11. Aw happy birthday. 15 is gonna be great. :) that poem is so adorable. question--what font are you using for your post headers? :)

  12. I think my last comment was deleted...well, what font are you using for your post headers? :)

  13. You're adorable. That poem is precious. Happy (late) birthday! Fifteen is / was a special year (I just turned sixteen). I hope your Chapter Fifteen is a good one :) xo m

  14. Feliz cumpleanos, you look great for your age wise and pretty.

  15. I know right? Fifteen sounds WAY older than 14! I'm kind of frightened to turn 16 in a couple months. :) Anyway, the pics are're so beautiful. <3 That poem from your grandpa is so. sweet. Awwww. And happy birthday! You're going to love being 15!!

    In Christ,

    P.S. You share a birthday with one of my dearest friends. :)

  16. That's a really neat poem!
    Happy 15th birthday. =)


  17. Happy belated birthday! Hope it was wonderful. :)

    I'm turning 15 too this winter and I'm finding it hard to believe. I've never felt this way about an upcoming birthday but I'm honestly a little bit nervous because 15 is big number. I'm definitely looking forward to being older though. :)

  18. happy birthday, haley!! hope you had a lovely day. i just want you to know that you're beautiful (in case you haven't been told that recently). your writing is lovely, and I love the poem. :)


  19. happy birthday! you are beautiful. :)

  20. You are so beautiful Haley! I hope that you had a happy birthday, girl!

    I know what you mean; 2012 passed way to quickly and I remember when you turned 14. Like you, I'm happy about being 15 (hehe!) but in about 173 days I'll be 16... but who's counting, right? :)

    As I am writing this, I am reminded of a fable I read once. "A man was given a golden thread of sorts that when tugged a bit, could fast forward moments in life. When trials, tribulations or boredom came along, he'd give the golden thread a tug and he fast forwarded to a more pleasant point in his life. He found himself giving the thread a tug everyday, several times a day, until one day he gave the thread a great, big tug and with that tug he fast forwarded life up until he died."

    Kind of a morbid story for what I want to say: Let's both enjoy every season of our lives and not wish away our childhood, okay? I can't tell you how many times I've said, "I can't wait to be older!" But, I'm learning that there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

    Hope this year is filled with new blessings and new joys!