5 on 5: february

1. Watercolors are so pretty. | 2. A morning mocha. | 3. Writing outside on the porch. | 4. Whitey in black & white. | 5. Morning light through my bedroom window.

I can hardly believe it's February already -- and the fifth, at that. At the first of this month I made four goals for February. 1) drink more water, 2) write everyday, 3) take more photos, 4) read a couple classics. The drinking more water goal has been going pretty well. For writing everyday, well, I haven't everyday, but more than I normally have. As far as taking more photos goes -- my goal was to take photos not just for blog posts specifically. I have a ways to go on this one. And for reading a couple classics, we haven't been to the library yet, but I'm trying to whittle down the five books I'm reading to only two or so. Then I'll be ready for a new one.

Have any favorite classics? I'd love some recommendations!

Happy Tuesday! xo.


  1. Aaaaah your handwriting! It's so pretty.

  2. Ah, yes, I agree with abby, your handwriting is so pretty. :) Beautiful pictures! I love the simplicity of them.

  3. SOSOSOso pretty. All of these. My personal favorites happen to be 2 +3. Mahvelous! xo

  4. Your pictures make me feel warm and cozy inside. Really. The only actual 'classic' I've read is To Kill A Mockingbird- it's splendid.

  5. Beautiful! The paint palette one just excites me.
    And as far as classics go, have you read The Scarlet Pimpernel? I read it in December and it's ahmazing!


    p.s. I'm agreeing with everyone else; your handwriting is gorgeous!

  6. love these! your photography gets better and better. get it girll. haha, xo!

  7. i love these! and classics? i love the secret garden, the island of the blue dolphins, and (i guess this isn't truly a classic but it is a classic hit!) divergent.

    the paints are beautiful! i smiled when i saw the little colored cakes pop up on my dashboard. i thought, this is going to be the best post, EVAH! and guess what? it was.

    i wasn't fully dressed until i read this post. now i'm fully dressed because i have smile from ear-to-ear! :-) (a little thing taken from Annie)

  8. Those are some great goals to set! I need to work on some of those myself :) I love Pride & Prejudice and Emma, and I really want to read North & South by Elizabeth Gaskwell soon (haha if I can ever find the time :)
    -mal :)

  9. NJkdsnajdknsajfknadjkfbdsjkfs. Love these pictures!! The first one is AWESOME!!!

  10. My favs are Pride and Predjudice and Jane Eyre. Love your pictures!

  11. this is gorgeous. i'm in love with the mood of this post.

  12. 1. Your watercolor palette is much,much neater than mine! =D Do you mix most of the colors yourself?
    2. And is that a hand-knitted coaster? (er, washcloth?)
    3. Cursive handwriting is so much fun to read.
    4. I. Love. This picture. <3 The expression, the light in the background, and the fact that the subject is a kitty.
    5. I've been really noticing the morning light, the way it touches the walls and such. It's Lovely.

    This is such a good post! Short and sweet. =)


    P.s. I don't know if 'The Phantom Tollbooth' is a classic per say, (like pride and predjudice) but it is a very good book in that it makes you think and is not what you're expecting. And it has some great wordplay in it. =)

  13. These are beautiful! Your photography makes me happy. AND YOUR HANDWRITING! LOVE IT.