photo-a-day challenge: january

Last month I started the #fmsphotoaday challenge on instagram (@imhaleyjane). And now that it's all finished up, I thought I'd show you all the photos I took for the challenge. So, here they are, day by day, with the caption that was on the original instagram picture....
day 1: today // january 1st. new calendar.
day 2: something new // a new painting.
day 3: heart // granola and iced coffee for breakfast
day 4 : the view from here // the view from the car. black & white fields. 
day 5: movement // walking.
day 6: mine // my mom. i love her.
day 7: street // street lights.
day 8: something beginning with 't' // terrific blueberry muffins.
day 9: paper // papers on my wall.
day 10: 1 o'clock // the mail. lots of birthday packages came today!
day 11: water // painting of a pond.
day 12: surprise // afghan knitted by my grandma, given to me for my birthday.
day 13: circle // coffee mug.
day 14: something yellow // painting of flowers.
day 15: an ordinary moment // smash booking.
day 16: two things // sunshine and a kitten.
day 17: ready // getting ready to make nutella truffles.
day 18: shadow // heart garlands in my room.
day 19: delicious // drinking iced coffee (while working on my smashbook).
day 20: something you saw // the sunset on the way to town.
day 21: what you do // paint. (new watercolors.)
day 22: corner // corner of a book. reading "the hobbit".
day 23: electric // looking up quotes to put in my little notebook.
day 24: stripes // my favorite sweater.

day 25: landscape // a sunrise from this week.
day 26: together // letter writing + iced coffee + a monday afternoon. these things go together very well.
day 27: sun // sunshine on a chalk board.
day 28: through // the view through the windshield this afternoon.
day 29: grow // my little "collection" of notebooks is growing. (a new one for studying proverbs.)
day 30: down // looking down. sperry's and a cat.
day 31: yourself // hi there!

Have you ever done a photo-a-day challenge? xo.


  1. love these! i need to try a photo-a-day.

  2. I've been following your instagram while you've done this and every picture has been so pretty. LOVE IT. xoxo.

  3. love instagram and love the pictures. so simple. yet so beautiful. :)

  4. I've enjoyed following your instagram feed:)

    I have done a photo challenge before; actually, I've done a few and my cousin and I created a list and challenge of you own last summer. That was so much fun!

  5. You have such a gift for photography :) I think Day 13 would have to be my favorite :D

  6. so much lovely. :) i always look forward to seeing your instagrams in my feed!

  7. Oh, this is SO cool!
    I especially like : 2, 8, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25-31. and I couln't agree more with Erin, that you do have such a talent and use it well. =D


  8. I am in absolute love with your photography. You can even take the most beautiful pictures with just a phone--such pretty photos. I have tried so many times to do a picture every day...but...the best I made it to was day eight. :/ Haha, anyways, I am a new follower and am loving your photos and words--definitely already a favorite blog of mine. Oh! and you are so gorgeous by the way!

  9. I love your photos. My favorites are day 19 and day 22!