braided hair tutorial

This is a hairstyle I sort of made up one day when I needed my hair out of my face. Since then, I've done it several times. It's quick and easy. You can make it as messy or as neat as you like. 

I thought you all might like to try it too, so I put this little tutorial together....

left to right

1. Start with hair down. I had left-over curls from Sunday morning. I've also tried this with damp hair and it works just as well.

2. Divide your hair into two sections, putting them over your shoulders.

3. & 4. Braid both sections.

5. Pull one braid directly over, across your the back of your head.

6. Loop it back over and pin it down.

7. & 8. Repeat steps five and six with the other braid.

9. You're done!
Happy Wednesday! xo.


  1. beautiful hairdo! :)
    I have a question for did you get the left sidebar to stay in the same place and have the posts/main part of your blog move? (if that makes any sense...) Thank you! :)

    1. Hi Emma!

      I found this heading in my HTML...

      #sidebar-wrapper {

      Then put this code under it...

      position: fixed !important;

      And thank you! xo. haley

    2. Thank you so much Haley! :)

  2. geez, you're so pretty it's kind of ridiculous.

    xx a c a c i a
    <a href=">(capture life)</a>

    ps I'm definitely going to be trying that hair tutorial; in fact, I'm trying it now! :)

  3. girl, you are flippin' gorgeous!! and I am so going to try this! :)

  4. I love this!!! I will def. try this soon:)

  5. this is really pretty :) thank you for the tutorial! your are amazing. -Jianine

  6. Such a charming 'do! I reminds me of something I did when my hair was longer, only I french braided it down the sides and crossed the two braids in the back, as my hair wasn't long enough to do the double cross that you do.

    Fabulous tutorial!


  7. Cute hairstyle! I love doing things with braids. :)

  8. I like this very much! It's simple but looks really pretty!
    I've been needing some way to keep my thick hair up and this might be just the ticket!