books, books, etc.

If you all didn't know...I really like reading. I'm constantly finding new books I want to read. I thought I'd share some new books/series are that new or old-time favorites. (I use Goodreads to keep track of books I've read, want to read, or have read. It's pretty handy and I'd recommend it! See my account here.)

First off, I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I was reading Tom Sawyer (which I must say was rather surprising) when I found Pride and Prejudice in a box in our house. So I'm kind of in limbo between reading both here and there (whichever is closest). I seem to be making habit of reading more than one book at a time lately. I'm reading The Hobbit aloud to my sister.
For books I've read, I started keeping track of them with this chart last year. It's fun because at the end of the year you can count up the number of books you've read.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis >> My grandpa loaned these to me recently and I loved them.

The Anne of Green Gables Novels by L.M. Montgomery >> I read these sometime last year and am hoping to re-read them this summer.

The Love Comes Softly Series by Janette Oke

Little Women by Lousia May Alcott

Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt >> I read this book a few years ago and remember really enjoying it, I'm looking forward to re-reading it sometime.

The Viking Quest Series by Lois Walfrid Johnson >> One of my favorite series. (I've read them, like, three or four times. Seriously.)

Seasons of the Heart Series by Janette Oke

Millie Keith, A Life of Faith by Martha Finely >> Another one of my very favorites and one I hope to read again soon.

Books I want to read would be...

The River of Time Series by Lisa T. Bergren

The Lord of the Rings Series by J.R.R. Tolkien

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë >> This one was mutually liked by you all when I asked for classic book recommendations.

The Elsie Dinsmore Series (the orignial ones) by Martha Finely

The Milred Keith Series (the orignial ones) by Martha Finely

Ivanhoe by Walter Scott

Pligrim's Progress by John Bunyan

The Song of Acadia Series by Janette Oke

The Bonnets and Bugles Series by Gilbert Morris

The Story Girl Books by L.M. Montgomery

Emma by Jane Austen

What are your favorite books? Happy weekend. xo.


  1. ahh. seriously so many of these books are my favorites, especially the Narnia books, and any of the L.M. Montgomery books. C.S. Lewis and L.M. Montgomery are my absolute favorite authors. and I fell in love with Regency books and movies after reading P&P the first time about two years ago. And I've been wanting to read the Love Comes Softly series for ages, I just have so many books I am trying to read first. ;) I do think North & South is my current favorite. I actually watched the BBC show of it first, and then I fell in loved and read the book. it's absolutely marvelous.
    xx. marcia

  2. Oh...I love reading too, when I have the time!! Some of my all-time favorites are the books from Lamplighter Publishing (my favorites are The Lost Clue, The Hidden Hand, and That Printer of Udell's). Basically what Lamplighter does is re-publish books that were written by Christian authors in the 1800's. I would HIGHLY recommend them!
    I also read The Viking Quest Series this year - finished all the books in just a few days, and really enjoyed them! Other favorites include the Life of Faith series, The Hobbit, YWAM Adventures in Missions, and many, many more....there are so many good books out there!!!

  3. ^^ yes, the Hidden Hand is one of the best. Another really incredible christian author would be Harold Bell Wright. Especially his most popular book The Shepherd of the Hills. Jane Eyre is sooo good as is the Songs of Acadia series by Janette Oke. The Hobbit is also really good and entertaining. Les Miserables is also one of the best. Very long, but really, really good.
    oh, and C.S. Lewis' writing is incredible. ;)

  4. Yes, some of these are my favorites as well!
    I read Jane Eyre last summer and adored it. It's a strange book, but Charlotte Bronte has the most enthralling style of writing.
    You have to check out My Heart Remembers and In Every Heartbeat(sequel to My Heart Remembers) by Kim Vogel Sawyer...they were super good!
    Happy reading! :)

  5. Ahh these are all so good :) I love so many of these :)