5 on 5: june

o n e        iced cafe mocha
t w o        little white flowers
t h r e e   driver's ed book
f o u r      lace curtains
f i v e       sperry's. like everyday.

(posted on the 8th, taken on the 5th)


It feels like I haven't posted in forever. Well, it hasn't been forever. It really hasn't even been that long.

These days my room is messy, the dates in my journal have large(ish) gaps between them, books go unread -- but life goes on. I'm enjoying going and doing.

I'll probably be back to regular posting soon, in the meantime here's this month's 5 on 5. xo.


  1. oooooh love the second photo. so pretty.

  2. love your photos, always. and your life sounds a lot like mine right now... my room looks like a tornado ripped through and i'm not even exaggerating. ;)

  3. What even?! How do you manage to take such stunning photos?? I gasped at the second one down; how did you take it? Is it freelenslinged? Please excuse me while I swoon over this post again.
    Xo, Acacia

    post script:

    I have a lovely little giveaway up and sizzling on my blog now; care to enter? It would make my day if you did. :)

  4. Boy, I'm with Acacia on the second, it'sjustreallystunning! =D
    An' I love those lace curtains, the shadows lace curtains cast are just lovely.


  5. the second picture is so summery.

  6. Such pretty photos!


  7. Those flowers are some of my favorites. Beautifully captured :)


  8. Beautiful photographs, love them all :)