yesterday, today, & lately

shirt & earrings: old navy // skirt & belt: maurices // shoes: target

Today is Tuesday. Yesterday was the last day of Driver's Ed classroom work (I've been going over the last two weeks). Yesterday afternoon it was hot outside and inside. Therefore, today was the first full day that that air conditioning was on. Today was also a nice, lazy morning spent on the porch and a book study this evening.

Other things from lately....

ONE: i got a succulent. It still needs to be put in a flower pot, but for now it's on my window sill looking very photogenic.

TWO: we have kittens on the farm! (Anyone want a cat? ;) There's finally, finally a gray and white one with a pink nose.

THREE: i wore that outfit in the pictures above to church on Sunday and thought I'd share it with you, because I really would like to do more outfit posts.

FOUR: i changed up the blog design a bit. (There's also a few updated pages.)

Happy Tuesday. xo.


  1. Those kittens, man, so adorable. I wish I could just reach through the computer screen and pick one up to cuddle with.

    Love the new blog design!


  2. i absolutely love kittens (and your outfit) :) wonderful design x
    - Jianine

  3. Aww! That little grey face is so CUTE!!! You are so cute in your new outfit! G

  4. Your skirt is so cute! And so are the kittens!!

  5. Your kittens are soo adorable, as is your outfit. I'd love to see more! I need to get mine started up again soon :P
    And, I love your blog design. It's always so cute. xx

  6. Your blog posts are among my absolute favourite. Ahh they just make me so... HAPPY!

    ps I have a giveaway on my blog now - care to enter? It would make my day if you did. :)

  7. Awww!!! Oh my word, the kittens are ADORABLE. *squeal*.
    Cute design. :D

  8. succulents may or may not be the most photogenic plant!
    THOSE KITTENS. sorry, i'm going to go melt into a puddle of happiness as i stare at them.
    love the outfit and the design :)