i'd like s'more, please.

These pictures are from a few nights back when we had our annual first s'mores around the fire pit of the year.
There's this little place, just a bit away from our house, secluded by trees, just big enough for a ring of rocks with a fire in it and a couple chairs around it, and a picnic table. You can see the the sunset sparkle through the trees and hear the crickets chirp harmoniously.
This week I finished Driver's Ed. Next was the forth of July (pictures to come soon), where we had two celebrations. There's been lots of sitting by the pool (desperately trying to get a tan) and swimming.

It feels like summer, now.

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  1. Oh! Me and my family still have yet to get around our fire pit and melt up some marshmallows and s'mores :) Lovely photos as always, Haley! Can't wait to see the pictures from your 4th of July celebration. I always get excited for your posts :)


  2. lovely photos, it looks like so much fun! can't wait for more.

  3. these just look delicious. s'mores are seriously one of my favorite things about summer. (although I have a habit of eating the chocolate before the marshmallow is finished. :P)
    and i love the second shot.
    xx. marcia

  4. ahhh s'mores. I haven't had them yet this year, but they really do scream summer. July is such a wholly summer month––I love it. xo. [p.s. your VSCO Grid is GORGEOUS.]

  5. pinterest for the win. ;) lovely summer-ness! xx

  6. I love s'mores!!
    and your photography!