independence day || 5 on 5: july

Five on Five, July

July fourth & fifth

A little DIY & outfit

shirt, old navy || shorts, cut-offs || belt, thrifted || headband, scrap of a bandana || flip flops, target

Picture overload much? I'm combining a few posts into one.

These are the promised pictures of the fourth of July. We had two celebrations. One the fourth and one on the fifth.  First off is this month's 5 on 5. (A little late, again...but, better late than never.) The second batch  of photos include some family photos and both the fourth and fifth's fireworks.

Lastly, I got some jeans (Target's Mossimo brand) at Goodwill to experiment with cut-offs. First I tried the jeans on, then took a permanent marker (in hindsight I would have used something washable) and marked where I wanted to make the first cut (starting just above my knee), then went from there, marking and cutting until I had them the length I wanted them. 

Note: If you lay the jeans flat, cut one pant leg the desired length, then fold them in half, it gives you a nice guide for the other pant leg. 

Then, I washed them to get a nice fray around the edge. I wore that outfit on the fourth of July (notice the blue headband/bandana and red nails ;)).

Hope you all had a great fourth! How did you celebrate? xo.


  1. Love every single photo! And your outfit - too cute!

  2. you take some seriously beautiful photographs, girlie.

  3. I'm in love with that Sunglass picture!! So clever! Fabulous, fabulous pictures as always :)


  4. your family is adorable! love the sparkler photos. :) and lovely stripes. xx

  5. Love the sparkeler and floating lantern photography!!
    It looks like fun!!

  6. oh, I love the first shot. and the second family shot is totally cute. charlotte's expression is so so adorable.
    xx. marcia