when skies are gray

shirt: hand me down, originally american eagle // skirt: old navy // scarf: hand me down // shoes: target

Would you believe me if I told you that it's actually chilly in July? It's no joke. These past few days have been a bit dreary and it rained all day today (hence the outfit photos taken on the porch to stay out of the rain).

This is the outfit I wore to church this morning. I paired two shades of gray together with a bright coral skirt and white sandals.

Today also included...a quick trip to the county fair, watching shows on Netflix, drinking coffee, and eating fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies. Ahhhh, I kind of like this whole break from the heat of July thing. ;)

xo || haley


  1. Cute outfit! It's actually been chilly here in Seattle, too, so I definitely believe you! I think it only made it up to 69 today, after weeks in the upper 70s! :P
    Your day sounds perfect to me! Fresh cookies are the best.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  2. ooh, this is my favorite outfit yet! And send some cold our way okay? A little relief from this heat would be fine by me!

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  4. lovely outfit and colors. it's rainy where i'm in too!

  5. This outfit is so comfy looking! I know, it's the same here in OH. Yesterday it was 70! It was crazy, but kind of nice. :)

  6. I love your outfits. They're so cute. I love the way you wear skirts. You don't make them look all fussy and prissy. Love it! It's been chilly here as well. I like it, but yet I wish it would heat back up so we could swim more haha.
    xx | Natalia

  7. I love love red and gray together! They just go together so perfectly!

    I can't believe how cool it has been this summer! It's been crazy that I've been able to get away with wearing the occasional jacket/cardigan!

  8. Yes, I would believe you because it's been chilly and raining here, too. :)
    Darling outfit! Adore the skirt!

  9. absolutely darling outfit. i seriously adore the skirt. it's actually been chilly the last few days here as well; i've been loving the rain though.
    xx. marcia
    p.s. my family had to go on a last minute road trip for my dad's business and we were about 10 miles away from the Kansas border (on the Colorado side) early yesterday morning. I totally thought about you, and how fun a meet up would be! :D

  10. it's been a bit crisp here to...which is like THE END OF THE WORLD for us californians. actually, it's been pretty warm but the wind has made it chilly at times.
    your outfit is adorbs. seriously. you are the cutest. xx

  11. Mm, love this outfit, especially the skirt!