thankful list {001}

thankful list {001}

a little (now five month old) baby who looks up at me with big blue eyes
waking up to the rain
taping pictures on my wall
finding lots of books at the thrift store (seriously, i got eleven for under $2.00. see here.)
relaxing/getting things done mornings
finishing the hobbit
starting my new moleskine 
(^^ those two on my summer list ^^)

xo. || haley

ps i guest posted here yesterday. go check it out.


  1. this is absolutely beautiful.
    lovely post :)


  2. ahh, THRIFT STORES. aren't they the best? ;) we got 30 books for 3 dollars the other day. (including Jane Eyre, Little Women, Sense and Sensibility, and many other classics. eek.) love this list; it's always good to look back on what we're thankful for. :) {also, The Hobbit. best. movie. ever.}


    xx // Mikailah

  3. Aw, lovely post and great book finds :)
    xo Maisy

  4. Ah, I love starting a new moleskin. I'm nearly finished with mine, and I'm itching to get a new one :)