early autumn

shirt: target?
sweater: hand-me-down
jeans: american eagle
shoes: sperry's

The summer's over, this town is closing.

They're waving people out of the ocean.

We have the feeling like we were floating.

We never noticed where time was going.


Do you remember when we first got here?

The days were longer; the nights were hot here.

Now, it's September; the engine's started.

You're empty-handed and heavy-hearted. 

John Mayer, On the Way Home

I LOVE AUTUMN. LIKE A LOT. That's all I have to say.

No, really, though. I can never decide which I like better -- spring or fall. When they're here I favor the present one. Something about atumn calls for change and improvement; new ideas and renewed plans. Yet greater than that, it has a rather nostalgic feeling. Also, who doesn't like the warm tones, SWEATERS (!!!), colorful leaves, and cooler weather?

Recently I got my hair cut. Just a trim and BANGS. Nope, I didn't chicken-out...and am glad that I didn't. They're pretty fun and it's a nice little something different. :)

This is the outfit I wore a couple days after the offical first day of fall. We got pumpkin spice lattes (my sister and I in the picture) and took outft pictures by the new wood pile. Also, there's a new design (as you've probably noticed), that is here to stay for a long while -- enjoy!

xo || haley


  1. LOVE your bangs, lady! They look so good on you. And the new design is awesome!

  2. Oh I love fall too! It's such a lovely season. :) and your haircut is adorable. Love.



  3. Suits you so well. :) You look right at home in them, and you're twinning with your sister!

  4. ah you are so adorable! love this style. and your hair - very cute! and i love me some pumpkin spice. :) xx

  5. oh, your bangs are perfectly darling! as well as your outfit. you and addy are seriously the cutest (I know I say that all the time, but really. ya'll are adorbs) and I looked up that song and woah. I'm not much of a John Mayer fan, but that song is gorgeous. and I also really really love the new design. :D

  6. love the bangs! so cute!

    what you said: "Something about autumn calls for change and improvement; new ideas and renewed plans"-what I have been feeling lately. so true, you just put it into words for me. :)

    the new design is fabulous! okay okay, and your outfit, too. like that sweater is seriously adorable with the yellow shirt. :)