life & some random things

Hiya everybody! How've you all been? I've been evaluating my blog recently...trying to see if it's even going to "fit" into life anymore. I do like blogging. I guess because I like photography and writing (as well as putting outfits together, or whatever). And, to be honest, it's pretty fun to share it with you all. BUT...I do not want my life to revolve around can be quite the task if you make it out to be that. So, this is me, kind of trying to get back into it and I'll see how it goes.

Anyway, can something be random if you've planned it? Wellll, I pretty much plan on this post being composed of random things.

Recently, the weather here in Kansas has turned to being full-on fall. It even snowed -- I repeat, snowed -- recently. Of course, it didn't stick, but I couldn't belive it nonetheless. Today my grandpa came over and that's just the best. Charlotte has her first tooth popping through. I got some good driving time in the other day when driving dad and me all the way to the dentist, around town, then back. We did the annual pumpkin patch trip a couple Sundays ago (I'll see if I can't get some pictures up of that). Just these past few days I've been fighting a cold. Addy is already planning for Christmas. School has been taking up the majority of our time around here. Speaking of that....

Sometimes in homeschool, you have to be flexible. I needed Dad to help me with a science experiment and we had time Sunday afternoon. So...field trip time! Well, actually, it was just across the field.... Perks of living in the country, eh? When you need a body of water, there's typically a pond nearby. I needed to get some pond water to put in four seperate jars for some cultures. And I brought the camera along as I've been trying to take some more "life photos" lately. Although, Dad did most of the picture-taking because I had to be writing down my observations. :)

We saw some little frogs...

And a couple big frogs... (ewww)

Hey look! Some racoon tracks O.o

Me observing and drawing it in my lab notebook. I almost fell in only...6 times? :P

Ruby looooves the water. (Ummm...except Ad had just given her a bath....)

Turtle shell...

Dad holding two bags, some of the jars, and the fancy ladle we used (aka measuring cup taped to a broom stick :P).

We ended up with this... (4 jars of pond water, egg yolk in one, hay in another one, then soil, and lastly uncooked rice.) The foil around them is to stifle the amount of light let in.

So I hope you enjoyed this random kind of post which I haven't done in awhile. ;)


  1. Everything about his post is perfect. I love the spontaneity of it. :) it's so wonderful to get to know you just that bit more. Xx

  2. Aw. Cute post! It snowed in northern Minnesota last weekend when we were driving down from camp up was kind of strange but then, I guess it's almost November! (where does time go???)
    Anywho, just thought I'd let you know that I'm doing a fun, simple, easy LOTR challenge on my blog in the month of November & was wondering if you'd like to participate. You would only have to do a few days...but if you'd rather not it's totally fine. Let me know if you do, though! Here's the link:
    And if you happen to be in love with the idea, share this with other blogging friends! =)

  3. This is the experimenter from Apologia Biology, right? I'm so bad at doing science experiments. I mean really bad... In my defense I live in NYC so where am I up posed to get some pond water;) LOL.

  4. I did this experiment! :) love the post too!

  5. aww, i love reading these types of posts. although, i realized my science project is coming up really soon, and i'm not really prepared. :P whoops.