#1top3days / day 3

Hey you guys! It's the thrid and final day of the 1 button down, 3 ways, 3 days challenge! I've really enjoyed this challenge! It's been fun finding different ways to style this top. 

Today I went with jeans and flats, and added a scarf. I looped the scarf around my neck, then tied it to the side. It makes it a lot less fussy, as I don't have to constantly be adjusting it. 

button down / gap
jeans / american eagle
scarf / gap
flats / target
sunglasses / target
watch / target

have a great day! hj


  1. ohhhh, i think this outfit is my favorite. i simply adore your scarf and lipstick shade. and i'm going to have to hunt for some leather flats now. ;)

  2. I love the scarf...adorable! :) x

  3. I loved all of your outfits! You have such great fashion sense! Love the way you tied your scarf. I do that a lot too because the really are so much easier to wear that way :)


  4. You look absolutely lovely! <3 I love your outfit, you're beautiful girl by the way.

  5. I love how you tied your scarf!

  6. ahhh so perfect! I love your sense of style.

  7. i've really enjoyed your take on this challenge. what a great and inspiring job you've done. due to a busy week i haven't been able to comment as i would've liked, but i just want to say that i love each of these days. your style is refreshing and adorable. keep it up!

  8. this is adorable. YOU are adorable!