hiya peeps. spring is dawning! the sun is shining! spring always holds for me a lot of plans, and plans long-awaited now possible. this is especially true this year.

i've decided to take a hiatus from blogging. now, i know that i don't post a whole bunch in the first place. however even when i'm not posting i am thinking about posting. it has me not blogging to the best of my ability and half doing other things.

i'm working on finishing up my sophmore year of high school, among other things, that take a good deal of time.

don't take this as good-bye or anything. this is simply me taking a little break, which i've mulled over for awhile. working on time management.

i hope to be back somewhere around the end of spring/beginning of summer.

i'm thankful for all of you who follow along. see you soon!

xo hj

pssttt. while i'm gone you can see pics on my instagram, see what books i'm reading on goodreads, and check out my pins here.


  1. hi haley, i totally understand your situation and decision. i think its smart and admirable and hope you have a good time the rest of spring. i'll miss your great photography and will be looking forward to more this summer.
    see ya soon.

  2. i'll miss your posts... looking forward to your return! :)

    also, your cat is so pretty! (coming from someone who isn't a cat person at all.) those eyes are gorgous!!

  3. Aw, we will certainly miss you, but I can totally relate with trying to better manage time! God has only given us 24 hours in a day, and it's our duty to use those 24 hours to it's fullest and manage it well. Hope you enjoy your break, and we'll look forward to your return! Lucky (or I should rather say blessed!) for me, I get to receive awesome letters from you frequently, so thankfully I won't have to suffer recent news from your place to much, ;)

  4. oh, man. i'm gonna miss your posts full of pretty. (seriously, have i ever told you that you're one of my very very very favorite bloggers? cause, yeah. you are.) but, i'm so glad you won't be gone forever.

  5. I love spring! Your pictures are pretty! :)

  6. I just found your blog and I can't wait until you come back!
    Brooke Jordan

    Pineapples & Daisies