a surprise.

Hi ya'll! It's been awhile. I've deserted my blog. Half-done designs. No posts for almost a week. Sorry about that. Please excuse the mess. I have tons of posts in my head. I'm backed up with pictures for them. So be prepared for lots of posts with lots of pictures. 

I posted about my Grandma's birthday awhile back. Well, that wasn't it. Mom was planing a birthday party for her. A surprise birthday party. We held it in a big, old schoolhouse. It was a vintage party theme...and a photographer's dream.

While shuffling through some drawers, I found some too-cute vintage aprons. I would like them all. Thank. you. very. much.

Old chalkboards lined the walls. We hung them with sewn garland in vintage floral, light pink, and green print fabric. 

This was the cake table.

Finally the time came for Grandma to come. The "clever excuse" worked and she was very surprised when she walked in the door and family and friends were crowed together yelling, "Surprise!". Then the rounds of hugs and talking to friends and family not seen in awhile. 

My Grandpa and Grandma.

Then, cupcakes, cake and ice cream...yum.

After that, presents. Everyone at the party (and many who couldn't come) wrote her letters and we put them all in a book for her to read later.

For snacks we had corn dip, ham & cheese sliders, chips, cheese & crackers, fruit, and veggies. 

As the night grew "cooler", we threw open the old windows and people's voices filtered out into the warm air.

While doing an impromptu photo shoot with my cousin, we found a neighborhood cat accidentally locked in a building. 

He followed us around the rest of the night, we named him Prince Caspian.

All in all, it was a great time and I have so many more pictures than I shared here, but I hope you liked my summary ;)

Happy birthday, again, Grandma!



  1. Love the photos! And loved seeing the surprise on her face! It was a wonderful party!

  2. Amazing photos! :) She looks really happy! :) everything looked pretty and yummy to :D great job sissy!and whoever else helped out looked amazing :)

  3. oh and great name for that cat love it lol I might use that name if I ever get a new cat :)

  4. Photographing party decorations is fun isn't it?
    You did such a nice job too, using different angles and such. =) Those cupcakes look wonderful btw...
    Writing letters and putting 'em all a book; what a great idea!


    P.s. That last picture is a real stunner! With the light streaming out and all...!