the craft room.

Well, I guess it's about time, huh? Haha. Would you like to see the craft room? As you probably know -- I re-did it for a 4-H home environment project. I made the "storage room" into a "craft room". We ripped out carpet, tore off wallpaper, put in a new fan, sewed cushions, et cetera, et cetera ;) And the great. 



.on the walls.

Chicken wire frames.

The yellow one's my favorite ;)

Chalk board.

Clip boards.

(Is is just me...or does the angel of this photo make you a little sea sick too?)



This is the office chair by the table for crafting...

...and this is a thrifted rocker for knitting/reading/relaxing.

.floor covering.


Huge jar of yarn.

Vintage pop bottles.

Bird mobile.

.finished product.

(Sorry about the not-so-good picture.)

**to see the curtains click here**

And that's all, haha. What's your favorite part?

It's August. Already. Can you believe that?

Happy Monday!



  1. wow awesome! whenever I come I bet the house is gonna look really different! haha! it looks really pretty :)

  2. I just love your room!! Such a happy place! Just can't wait to see what amazing projects will come from it!!!! My favorite thing, I am having a very hard time picking. LOVE the picture frames!!! But I also think the clipboards are such a great idea! And the curtains, and the rocker and the mobile----nope, I don't think I can pick my favorite part. I guess what I really love about it is that it is such a beautiful reflection of YOU! Love you so!