the days are long, but the years are short.

As I look through my old picture files and the archives of my blog, memories of the past year rush in. Memories of summer days, a trip to the zoo, past litters of kittens. Memories of crisp fall days. Memories of Virginia, the three day long road trip, driving through mountains, the experience of living in a new house, going to a new church, and living in a new state for a month. Memories of the worn streets in Colonial Williamsburg, the thick soup, and homemade root beer. The memories of catching crabs, going on a sail boat for the first time, weekend trips to my great-aunt and uncle's. Then the memories of coming back to Kansas. The undeniably cozy feeling of being back at home. And I wonder why it took me so long to get around to writing an end of the year post.

Two thousand eleven was the year I entered the blogging world, turned thirteen, started eighth grade, took a trip to Colorado, learned to bloom where you're planted, and enjoy the simple things. And now the new year is well on its way and another birthday of mine is right around the corner. I now realize one of the great things about keeping up a project 365 blog. So you can look back and remember a part of that day that you wanted to capture, because it's hard to sum up one whole year in just a single post. 

All in all, two thousand eleven was a great year. And me and two thousand twelve? We're already fast friends. 


p.s. You may notice some changes to my template and sidebar. More clean-cut lines. A little easier on the eye. It was time. I had swapped headers and called it a "new design" for too long. It'll take some getting used to, but I like it :)


  1. the picture of the kitten is so cute! It's absolutely perfect!

  2. That kitten picture melts my heart... :) lovely post + I'm still in love with your design!

  3. your pictures = I am in love! ♥

    this sign is the best thing ever :)

    and of course I am still in awe of your header.

  4. beautiful darling, just plain beautiful. your photography is gorgeous! I love the feeling of being back home. (: new design is so pretty!

  5. the picture of the kitten had my friend and I gasping for at least twenty full seconds. adorable.

  6. these are lovely!!! you have an amazing eye for photography.

    come stop for tea @

  7. I could almost pet that kitten. :D Beautiful photos! & I love the new design. It's sort of what I have in mind for my own. ^.^

  8. I always enjoy your pictures :) ♥ can't wait to see you for your birthday can't believe it :)! proud to be your Aunt :) love ya sweetie! :) see you soon :D

  9. Oh, my, that kitty is precious!

  10. LOVE the design!
    and you photos :)

  11. I know I have most likely told you this before, sweet Haley, but you are SUCH a talented photographer! *sigh* Your photo's truly inspire me....

    Lovely post!


  12. Wishing your many blessings in 2012! What a lovely review of 2011! Is that our Chloe? So sweet!!! and tiny!!!!
    Love you!