snow dusted hills.

Yesterday I awoke to my alarm beeping and I accordingly rolled out of bed to stop it. As I looked out my bedroom window -- something I've come to automatically do each morning -- I glanced half asleep at the farmilar scene, then looked back again. A fresh sprinkling of snow was strung across our yard. I smiled and climbed back under the warm covers.

Later into the morning we were driving across the dim landscape that was graced by the dark silhouettes of spiny trees and a floor of white dust. Something about the display made me grin and a flood of of happiness mixed with anticipation went through me. I was excited for the day. It was going to be a good one.

And it was a good day. A day filled with friends and family, laughter, and times I'll never forget.


  1. these are beautiful! that 'do not pass' sign is funny!

  2. that sky shot is so lovely. and i roll out of my bed to shut off my alarm clock nearly every morning.
    alarm clocks = because every morning should begin with a heart attack XD


  3. amazing pictures :) Love the snow! We haven't got any yet!

  4. Beautiful photos! I just added you to my "good reads" list. :)