weekend ramblings

        inspiration photo from pintrest

This week -- well I have to tell you that I didn't exercise everyday this week like I had aspired to do. Why? Because every move I made was a miracle. Lets just say I did exercise on Monday and today is the first day that I'm not gruesomely sore from just that one work out. Three words: out of shape.

My room is pretty much an ever-changing whirl of my hairbrain ideas in the form of diy projects. One of my most recent additions (above) has become a favorite. I hung it over my bed and retired my heart garlands. Although last night it dropped from it's place on my wall and landed fearfully close to my head. Note to self: do not hang heavy objects over bed using nothing but decorative masking tape ;)

And to nearly finish off a week full to the top, today I time spent working on and photographing for some of the posts ya'll will be seeing next week, reading, hanging out with little sis, and drinking hot chocolate after a photo shoot outside.

How was your week?


  1. heart garland is amazing, but this might be even more amazing. hot chocolate looks yummy(:

  2. mm, that hot chocolate looks amazing. and by the way, that leaf garland looks even better than the heart one.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. Dear Haley,
    How are you? Working out is a pain, isn't it (literally). I keep telling myself, I must start jogging so I'm in shape for this Junior Lifeguard thing I do each summer. So far... Nada jogging. But hey, I'm preparing my mind first.

    Your decoration is AWESOME. Really beautiful. And you pictures of course are lovely. I love the picture of your little sister, she is really, really, pretty. ;)

    Oh, yes. I just finished Anne of Windy Poplars a bit ago, now I'm reading Anne's house of Dreams. Don't you love the Anne series. I read from Anne of Green Gables to Anne of the Island a long while ago, but my mind was subconsciously saying, "oh, it must be boring now, they're together." But finally I picked up my butt, and started reading the series again.

    So glad I did. Her stories are so delightful (eh?) and I love her characters, they are so lifelike. Ok, if you absolutely hate the Anne series, just ignore my rant above. ;)

    Ok, love,

  4. These pictures are so pretty, and the hot chocolate looks amazing!!!

  5. yum, I want some hot chocolate :)
    I love all your decorations!

  6. I want some hot chocolate now haha! Love the pictures as always! can't wait to see the photo shoot from outside:D

  7. ooh I'm reading Anne of the Island right now too!

  8. i really love your branch decoration, so pretty!