autumn begins

Today my calendar has two words on it (plus an exclamation point): "Autumn Begins". Lately the semi-fall breezes have been blowing, the temperature is lower, and our consumption of hot chocolate is up. School has settled into a routine. Addy's in sixth grade. I'm in my freshmen year of high school. The mornings are chilly and sometimes foggy, and the ground is sprinkled with dew. We get up, do chores, eat breakfast, get ready, and start school.

There are a couple leaves here and there that are yellow in the midst of green ones. And every once in awhile you can spot a tree where the leaves are half red.

All I can say is that I'm super looking forward to a trip to the pumpkin patch, wearing boots and sweaters, and for when the trees are completely covered in warm colors. 

What are you looking forward to this fall?


  1. I love the pictures with the dew and the way you captured the light in the one with the tree :) Oh and the dew on the spider web is amazing :) I'm looking forward to my 15th birthday in November :)

  2. The beginning of fall is always exciting! And I must say that your writing and photography is beautiful. I hope school is going well, I'm a freshman too, doesn't it seem kind of weird to think of yourself in high school?

  3. Mm, these are amazing. Good to hear from you darling! I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures and my 19th birthday on the 31st of October. xo

  4. Yes - I'm so excited for autumn too! And these are lovely.

  5. beautiful post, haley. and your design is simply lovely. I noticed you love watercolors- would you mind emailing me at with some tips? I'm just getting into it and would love some advice. (:

  6. starbucks,hot chocolate,big sweaters, and cozy nights. :)

  7. You got really nice focus on these, dew covered spiderwebs are a favorite subject of mine, can't get enough of 'em. =)
    I like the pine needle one best.
    I'm looking forward to the lovely colors the trees turn!