awkward and awesome thursday, v. iv

denim top: thrifted, shirt: gap, jeans: aeropostale, rubber boots: walmart, necklace: gift, etsy


-Mom returning some things in the check out line, and me standing behind her with the things we're going to purchase. The employees ask me if I would like to move to a different register to check out...twice. "No, I'm with her. But, thank you."

-Going to check for eggs in the coop another time, and when I walk in the door, our dog comes through the chicken door. Ohhhh, so, that's where the eggs have been going....

-And speaking of chickens, when the chickens are already on the roost and you need to check the nests for eggs. Scary.

-Tripping backward over the legs of a coat rack.

-Saying to Mom, "Some brownies sound really good right now." She tells me where I can find a brownie mix -- under the passenger seat in the car.

-Taking a walk, getting halfway down the road -- and realizing your cat followed you. The same one who plays frisbee.

-Accidentally changing my blogger dashboard to Bulgarian.


-Playing Draw Something with Dad until eleven o'clock at night.

-The waiter at a resturant leaving the chives off my soup, because I ordered my salad without onions. Good thinkin'.

-A salted carmel cake pop. Super duper good.

-Covering notebooks in pictures, pretty tape, handkerchiefs, denim and gingham fabric.

-Finally, finally getting my room cleaned up and put back together and tweaking it just a bit for fall.

-My grandpa teaching me how to make a new smiley face on his phone. :~)

-Getting letters in the mail from pen-pals. Always awesome.

What are some awkward and awesome things from your week from your week?


  1. I like this post. :) and that outfit is adorable, especially that top!

  2. You are incredibly gorgeous. Really.
    Haha, I changed by dashboard to Arabic once and it took me like ten minutes to translate it all (google translate) to turn it back. Hah!

  3. Ahh! You have such a cute outfit! :) Love those boots!
    My awkward moment would be not blogging for like a month. *shrinks into chair*
    haha-you turned your language into Bulgarian. I think I did that once with swedish, but it was, like, really weird. Anyway, your awkward moments made me laugh! Have a good day! :)

  4. Love the top. I’ve been meaning to get a denim top…There’s too many awkward moments for me to list. ;)

  5. I LOVE your outfit, and that waiter sounds brilliant.

  6. Gah, you are so pretty. Darling outfit!

  7. You are pretty! And your awkward moments made me laugh out loud:)
    My awkward moments? Psh...I mean...I never have any...never. ;)

  8. Haley, you are so beautiful :) Just thought I'd let you know :)
    My awkward moment today was talking with my friends after class about theological issues she was teaching that we disagreed with her about and her walking right by us :)

  9. you're beautiful.

  10. you're so pretty! love the denim top.. and your hair? cuute! pen pals are quite awesome. :)

  11. Nice awkward/awesome post Haley! Something awesome that happened this week was I discovered I could go to We Day, and today I did and it was amazing! :)

  12. oh my gosh, you're so gorgeous.
    we should be pen-pals. <3

  13. Brownie mix under the car seats? I think I'd like your car.

  14. Awkward-my blog design. I need some serious help! D: I need a new template for fall. Or a new design entirely. HELP.

    Awesome-October itself. LOVELOVELOVELOVE every bit of it :)


  15. Hey, Haley! It's nice to meet you! I love your outfit and is that a sock bun? I love sock buns. :) I also like coffee, iced coffee even better. I can't think of any awkward things that have happened this week......or at least yet. But some an awesome thing is that i got two new followers on my blog! It's really cool that you have some pen pals! :) P.S. New Follower! ;)
    ~ Brooklyn

    1. Hi Brooklyn! It's nice to meet you too! That's not a sock bun, but those are cool. I think this day it was just a bun using hair ties and bobby pins. :) And thank you!