denim & lace | tutorial & outift

Yesterday it was 72 degrees outside and today it's supposed to be somewhere around 80 degrees. Though this spring/summer-like weather may not be here for good (yet), I rolled up my jeans for the first time yesterday and slept with the window open last night. 

Also, yesterday I refashioned this denim shirt I got at the thrift store, for 25 cents. It was pretty simple and makes the shirt look more spring-y. I put a little tutorial together so you could try it too.... (Go here to see a before picture.)
You will need: A shirt, two patches of lace (I used a lace shirt), scissors, straight pins, a needle and thread.

Note: Getting into this project, I started to think that maybe using the sewing machine would have been a good idea, making it go a little more quickly. But, a needle and thread worked just fine, taking a little more time.

Step one: Lay the patch of lace over the part of the shirt you will be covering, and pin it into place putting the pins inside of where you will be sewing. (The hem you see in the picture is the one from the bottom of the lace shirt.)

Step two: Carefully cut around the pins, so you have the patch that you will be sewing onto the shirt. You will need to trim it enough that you can see where you need to sew, but don't cut it too small, you can always trim off excess later.

Step three: Thread your needle, tying a knot at the end, and stitch all around the lace. Use small stitches, keeping them close together, and putting them as close the the shirt's seam as you can. When done, tie off thread.

Step four: Repeat steps one through three on the other side of the shirt.

Step five: Using your scissors, carefully trim off any extra lace.

You're done!

In case you were wondering...

denim & lace top // thrifted (old navy) & refashioned, shirt // gap outlet, jeans // aeropostal, shoes // sperry's
from instagram // @imhaleyjane


  1. so adorable! and i'm pretty much obsessed with your insta feed- for real.

  2. so cute! i will definitely give this one a try :)

  3. This is so cute! I love it. I've checked all my thrift stores for jean tops every time I go, and can't seem to find one that actually looks decent. Hah.
    Love your whole outfit!

  4. I love it with the lace! I would totally buy a shirt like that. :) But maybe I'll have to make one! ;)

  5. I really have to try this! And it looks super easy! Now, all I need is to get my hands on a denim shirt and some lace...

  6. this is awesome! so creative & cute:)
    oh, I slept with my windows open the other night and it was ahhh-mazing. I love spring:)

  7. ooooh, i have to try this!! thanks for the diy!!

  8. ahh why are you so wonderful? this is bee-utiful, dear!

  9. yes! i saw this on instagram and wondered if it was a diy. :) beautiful!

  10. cute! and you are stinkin adorable. xx

  11. this is a great tutorial! I love it! I'm thinking I need to do it to one of my denim tops too! =)


  12. that is so cute! you are adorable & talented!