the last day of christmas break

^my favorite spot at the end of my bed, next to the window^

Today we woke up to snow, and good amont of cold, here in Kansas. I took advantage of the last day of Christmas/New Year break to do some reading...more than I've done in awhile. The pictures of snow are just taken from my bedroom windows, but maybe tomorrow I'll venture out into the cold to take some real snow pictures.

Also, today Charlotte tried on her snow suit. (She didn't get to go outside, though...too chilly!)

Tomorrow we delve back back into school. How was your break? xo.


  1. Aww, Charlotte looks adorable. You definitely have to capture her expression in the snow. Love your little bed spot, looks like a great spot to read.

  2. adorable photos!!

  3. happy new year! lovely photos and charlotte looks so cute in that suit :) my break was super fun, I just came back from australia with the family! x


  4. Aw, baby Charlotte looks so cute!!! I love the pictures of the snow, that first one makes me want to curl up in my bed with some hot chocolate and read.

  5. Don't you just love those vacay days when you can read to your heart's content?! And that little spot by the window is my favorite! Oh, and Baby Charlotte makes the cutest facial expressions! I think she'll like the snow :)