a homemade christmas

With only five days til Christmas (whatttt?!), I thought I'd share with you the crafts from the A Homemade Christmas series I did last year. Just a few festive crafts that can be done with the supplies you have lying around....
Learn how to make three Christmas garlands!
Make your own rubber stamps out of erasers! Use them for a gift, to decorate your own wrapping paper, or on some cute little Christmas present tags.
Make a pillow out of an old t-shirt!
Make a wreath out of Christmas tree trimmings!
Click here for tutorial
Here's three step-by-step Christmas card tutorials!
Hope you're all having a great Christmas season so far. xoxo.


  1. These are all soo cute! The eraser stamp is a smart idea! I especially love that wreath, so resourceful!

  2. adorable! thank you for sharing these ideas, i might want to try out a few x