5 on 5: december

December's 5 on 5 is here! The last 5 on 5 of the year. To be honest...part of me is like yahoooooo! But I'm also like, you know? I like the result of that. Overall I think, "that year went by so quickly". Anyway, these pictures are from the annual ladies Christmas Tea at church (where I always drink hot cocoa ;)) If you want to look at the whole year click here. Or you can view them individually here:

Believe it or not, though it's just the 9th, Christmas festivities and activities are all systems go. We've been busy, busy, busy as always. I do wish I had more time to blog. And I'm itching for a new look around this place, but these days I just seem to be asking, "where has the time gone?". I will try to make an effort to get more posts up in the coming days, though.

Also, just wanted to let you know that I took some time to reply to the recent questions in the comment section. So, if you've asked a question, be sure to check for an answer! And if you asked a question and I forgot to answer, feel free to ask again please!


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  1. Lovely pictures. I think they really capture Christmas :).

    God bless you!:)